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T-Mobile Thuis is the winner of all our categories

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Barometer of Fixed Internet Connections in the Netherlands – Year 2019

In 2019, nPerf users has made 504,788 connection tests on the five largest ISPs on the Netherlands.

T-Mobile Thuis provided the Best Fixed Internet Performance in 2019.

T-Mobile Thuis is the winner of all our categories:

  • Best download speed with 97 Mb/s
  • Best upload speed with 96 Mb/s
  • Best latency with 23 ms

In 2019, the average download speed in the Netherlands was 78 Mb/s.

T-Mobile Thuis leaves no chance to its competitors! However, it should be noted that this ISP only represents the 5.3 % of the nPerf speed tests in the Netherlands in 2019, which means that it does not meet the network problems of the imposing historic operators like KPN and ZIGGO.

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