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Enivest, best fixed Internet performance in Norway

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Barometer of Fixed Internet Connections in Norway  / H2 2020 – H1 2021

🏆 Enivest, the best fixed Internet performance during the last 2 semesters 🏆

From July the 1st 2020 to June the 30th 2021, nPerf users conducted 26 862 connection tests on Norway’s five largest Internet Service Providers. Enivest dominates the market in terms of performance of fixed Internet connections by providing good upload throughputs and the best latency in the country, even if its download bitrate average only reaches the 4th position.

During this period, the average download speed of Norwegian people was 127 Mb/s, which is 20% higher than in 2019 / 2020, and globally a good performance.

Altibox is the fastest Internet Provider of the last 12 months

For the third year in a row, Altibox has provided the fastest Internet connections on fixed networks in Norway over the last 12 months, with an average download speed of 154 Mb/s and an upload speed of 117 Mb/s. Its progression on download speed is the best from far, and much better than over the previous period.

Enivest, an impressive latency can be enough

Enivest is still the champion when it comes to the latency (11,5 ms!), but also provide good upload speed, around 113 Mb/s, that leads it just behind Altibox. As we said last year: if you are keen on video games, chose Enivest: the latency average of the other main operators is at least twice slower.


On fixed networks, over the last two semesters, Enivest has shown the best performances, mainly due to an exceptional latency of 11,5 ms, and nice improvements on download and upload speeds. Altibox stays behind but the scoring gap between them has grown: the upload speed could play a role for change in the next months. Apart from this, Global Connect only shows an improvement on its download speed but worsens elsewhere, Telenor stays at the last position by recording the worst figures, and the newcomer Telia (former Get/NetCom) does worse than Get last year, mostly because of its long latency.​ 

This battle definitely deserves a closer look within the next semesters!

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