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nPerf Probes: Autonomous Network Measurement Tool

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, maintaining optimal network performance is crucial for telecom operators. nPerf, a leading expert in telecom measurements, offers an innovative solution with its nPerf Probes. These autonomous measurement tools are designed to monitor and optimize your broadband performance effectively and efficiently.

What Are nPerf Probes?

nPerf Probes are devices equipped with advanced nPerf technology, within a Raspberry Pi, that conduct automatic, remotely controlled test sequences. These probes are strategically placed at your access nodes, providing real-time insights into your network’s performance. With over 150 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at your disposal, you can ensure your infrastructure operates at its best.

Key Benefits of nPerf Probes

1. Troubleshoot Your Networks

nPerf Probes are essential for identifying and resolving issues in various network types, including FTTx, cable, and xDSL. By pinpointing network bottlenecks, these probes help you address problems promptly, ensuring seamless connectivity for your users.

2. Run Unlimited Tests

With nPerf Probes, you can conduct unattended 24/7 tests, significantly cutting costs by reducing the need for frequent on-site technician visits. This continuous monitoring ensures that any performance issues are detected and addressed swiftly.

3. Improve Your Customer Services

Prevent customer churn by enhancing your customer care with a comprehensive understanding of your GPON infrastructure. nPerf Probes provide detailed insights that help you maintain high service standards and keep your customers satisfied.

Comprehensive Network Optimization with 150 KPIs

nPerf Probes offer an extensive range of measurements to give you a holistic view of your network’s performance. Here are some key features:

  • Download and Upload Speeds: Measure the speed at which data is transmitted to and from your network.
  • Latency: Assess the delay in data transmission, which is critical for real-time applications.
  • Internet Quality of Experience: Conduct browsing and streaming tests, including YouTube performance, to gauge the overall user experience.

Customizable Testing and Detailed Analytics

Within the nPerf portal, you can generate personalized testing scripts tailored to your specific needs. Customize parameters such as test duration and the number of threads to suit your requirements. The probes collect more than 150 KPIs, providing a comprehensive view of your entire infrastructure. You can access actionable insights through CSV files and analyze your data to address any problems faced by your end-users effectively.


nPerf Probes offer a precise and budget-friendly solution for broadband network measurements. By leveraging these autonomous tools, you can troubleshoot your networks, run unlimited tests, and significantly improve your customer services. Equip your network with nPerf Probes and stay ahead in delivering top-notch connectivity and service quality.

For more information on how nPerf Probes can revolutionize your network monitoring and optimization, contact us.

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