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Barometer of Fixed Internet Connections in Turkey – Last two semesters (H2 2018 – H1 2019)

From July the 1st 2018 and June the 30th 2019, nPerf users conducted 87.512 connection tests on Turkey’s four largest Internet Service Providers. TurkNet dominates the market in terms of performance of fixed Internet connections by being the first on download speed tests and latency tests, and in second position on upload speed tests.

19 Mb/s is the average download speed of Turkish people which is a good global performance. However, as in many other countries, this result probably hides the digital divide between areas.

Turknet is the fastet Internet Provider far ahead

During the last 12 months, Turknet has provided the fastest Internet connections on fixed networks in Turkey. With an average download speed of 32,00 Mb/s, Turknet is far ahead from its competitors, indeed, the second one is Türk Telekom with 17,25 Mb/s ; so the gap between Turknet and its competitors is around 15 Mb/s !

With 32 Mb/s, Turknet customers are sure to enjoy all the greedy uses in bandwidth such as watching a movie in 4K, multiscreens uses at home, 4K Gaming…

Turknet first on latency, a good news for gamers

Besides being the fastest provider on fixed networks, Turknet is the most reactive with a very good latency, 48,86 ms; so if you are a gamer and need short latency, Turknet does the job.

Superonline first on upload speed

Regarding the upload speed, Turkcell superonline online has delivered the best upload speed on fixed networks with an average speed of 4,84 Mb/s. However, Superonline should be careful because from march 2019, Turknet has reached a speed of 6 Mb/s and seems to keep the first place from that time.


On fixed networks, one provider clearly makes the difference. With a download speed of 32 Mb/s Turknet has no rivals.

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To ensure maximum user bandwidth at all times, nPerf relies on a network of servers dedicated to this task. These servers are located with hosts in Turkey and abroad.

Local providers are welcome to install nPerf servers, that’s free!

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