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Viettel provided the best home Wi-Fi performances in Vietnam in 2022.

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Between January 1st, 2022 and December 31st, 2022 we counted in Vietnam, after filtering, 420.641 tests with the nPerf mobile app on WiFi domestic networks (Android and iOS).

The overall distribution of the tests per provider is as follows:

In 2022, Viettel has provided the fastest Wi-Fi Internet connections in Vietnam. With an average download speed close to 52 Mb/s, Viettel is quite ahead of its competitors, indeed, the second one is FPT with 41 Mb/s.

Concerning the upload connections, Viettel is also in first position with more than 46 Mb/s. 

The operator also offered the best latency to its subscribers!   

The shortest time is the best.

Viettel provided the best Wi-Fi performance rate in Wi-Fi video streaming in 2022.

The highest rate is the best.

The goal of the streaming test is to measure the quality of video viewing on the most popular streaming platform around the world: YouTube.

It is calculated considering all the time required to load the video (before or during playback). If the ratio between the duration of the video and the overall reading time (reading + loading) tends to 1 then the performance index will tend towards 100%. And conversely, the more the ratio moves away from 1, the more the index will tend towards 0%.

In conclusion, Viettel does not give its competitors a chance for the moment.

nPerf, a french company, is one of the main leaders of telecom networks crowdsource testing.

nPerf uses its community of users in Vietnam performing tests on their Wi-Fi connections with the nPerf speed test.  – Facebook Linkedin Twitter – We qualify your connection

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