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Barometer nPerf of Mobile Internet Connections in Russia – H1 2020

During the first six months of 2020 nPerf users have made 198.180 connection tests with the nPerf mobile app (iOS, Android).

With 42.764 nPoints, MegaFon has provided the best mobile internet performance in Russia during the first half of 2020.

Despite its bad latency and a third place on the internet mobile browsing performance, MegaFon has confirmed its leadership position by providing the best download speed (close to 20 Mb/s), the best upload speed (close to 6 Mb/s) and the best streaming performance (74%).

Watch out Tele 2 ! The mobile carrier is not far from the first step of the podium. Tele 2 has delivered good performances too. Close to MegaFon on the upload speed and on the streaming performance, and providing the best latency and browsing performance, Tele 2 needs to improve its download speed to take the first place at the end of the year.

MTS Mobile in third place

This operator, always in second or third place on each indicator is not as far away as that from the leading duo. By simply improving its download speed, MTS could surprise its competitors.

nPerf Conclusion

Russian mobile operators are fighting hard to deliver the best network performance, and it’s good for Russians. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the performance of mobile internet has declined, especially for MegaFon. Currently, the scores are very tight so the next 6 months will be exciting to follow. 

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