Barometer of fixed Internet connections in Croatia

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The subscribers of A1 enjoyed the best broadband performances in Croatia during 2023.

The fixed Internet market in Croatia presents a┬ácompetitive environment between Internet Service Providers (ISPs), each offering distinct levels of quality of service, as evidenced by key performance indicators such as download and upload speeds. upload, latency, and overall nPerf scores. These metrics are crucial for assessing ISPs’ ability to provide reliable, fast Internet services that are essential to residential and business customers.

A1: Undisputed leader in high performance

A1 is   the   leader   in   the   Croatian   fixed   Internet   market   with exceptional performance in all areas. The ISP has a remarkable download bitrate of 130.3 Mb/s, coupled with an upload bitrate of 49.65 Mb/s, making it the top choice for high-demand Internet activities such as streaming high definition content, online gaming and downloading large files. With a low latency of 24.25ms, A1 ensures a smooth and responsive Internet experience. The nPerf score of 137,739 nPoints further strengthens A1’s position as a market leader, reflecting the superior quality of its network and service delivery.

Hrvatski Telekom: A major competitor

Hrvatski Telekom is the leader in all fixed Internet performance in Croatia.

The ISP provides a download bitrate of 66.98 Mb/s and an upload speed of 40.02 Mb/s, catering well to the majority of internet usage scenarios. Despite a higher latency of 39.66 ms compared to A1, Hrvatski Telekom delivers a reliable service, as indicated by its nPerf score of 116,234 nPoints.

Telemach: Another competitive operator

Telemach offers competitive services with a download speed of 64.94 Mb/s and an upload speed of 35.29 Mb/s. The ISP latency amounts to 43.36 ms, which is higher but remains within a range allowing a satisfactory online experience for most applications. With an nPerf score of 113,199 nPoints, Telemach demonstrates its commitment to providing quality Internet services.

Iskon: Room for Improvement

Iskon, while not leading in terms of speed, still offers reliable Internet services with a download bitrate of 42.58 Mb/s and an upload speed of 20.56 Mb/s. The ISP’s latency of 30.12 ms is commendable, indicating a responsive Internet experience. An nPerf score of 109,019 nPoints suggests that Iskon maintains a solid foundation in service quality, with potential for further enhancements in speed and capacity.


The analysis of Croatia’s fixed Internet market reveals A1 as the clear frontrunner, excelling in both speed and efficiency, and providing an optimal online experience. Hrvatski Telekom and Telemach present themselves as strong alternatives, offering balanced services that cater to a wide range of Internet needs. Iskon, while trailing in terms of speed, still provides a reliable service, highlighting the competitive nature of Croatia’s fixed Internet sector.

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