True Move H best mobile Internet performance

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Barometer of Mobile Internet Connections in Thailand – First half of 2019

During the first six months of 2019 nPerf users have made 585.216 connection tests with the nPerf mobile app (iOS, Android).

True Move H confirms its first position but competitors get closer

Despite its second place ex-aequo with AIS behind Dtac in the category fastest download speed, True Move H has confirmed its leadership position by providing the best global mobile performance especially thanks to good streaming performance (81.6%) and a good browsing performance (55.5%).

At nPerf, we consider that measuring the speed of an internet connection is not enough and doesn’t reflect the reality of the user experience. So we take into account of all categories (speed, latency, Browsing and streaming on YouTube) to estimate the quality of a internet connection.

Dtac best download speed on wireless network in Thailand

Dtac with an average download speed of 21,04 Mb/s has delivered the fastest bandwidth during the first six month of 2019. Despite its efforts in this category, it needs to improve its performances in the other categories, especially in upload and Latency where its performances are far behind AIS and True Move H.

Watch out AIS ! the mobile carrier is close to the first step of the podium

AIS has delivered really good performance that should worry True Move H. Close to True on the download speed, best upload speed, and nearly same latency as True move H, AIS needs to improve its browsing performance to take the first place at the end of the year.

nPerf Conclusion

Thailand’s mobile carriers are fighting hard to deliver the best networks performances and this good for Thai people. Globally, Thailand performances have increased. True Move h confirms its first place but AIS is not far. The next 6 months will be thrilling. 

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nPerf offers a free application for testing the quality of the Internet connection, downloadable on Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices. All users of the nPerf application form the panel of this study.

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