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Barometer of fixed Internet connections in Latvia

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The subscribers of balticom enjoyed the best broadband performances in Latvia during 2023.

Latvia’s fixed broadband landscape is marked by a vibrant competition among ISPs, each showcasing distinct strengths and areas for improvement. This analysis delves into the overall market, highlighting the performances of key players and encapsulating the pivotal role of FTTH technology in shaping the future of broadband services in Latvia.

Balticom: the market leader

Balticom distinguishes itself as the frontrunner in Latvia’s broadband market, delivering exceptional speeds with a download rate of 201 Mb/ s and an upload rate of 195 Mb/s, coupled with a remarkably low latency of 22ms. Not only Balticom achieves the highest nPerf score among its peers at 157,179 points but also on every single metrics.

Baltcom: the strong competitor

Solid second, Baltcom presents itself as a formidable competitor, offering robust download and upload speeds of 164 Mb/s and 156 Mb/ s, respectively. With a latency of 37 ms and an nPerf score of 142,124 points, Baltcom affirms its position as a key player in the market, ensuring a reliable and efficient service for its customers.

Tet: the reliable contender

Tet emerges as a reliable contender in the broadband market, providing solid download and upload speeds of 100 Mb/s and 84 Mb/s, respectively. With a latency of 46 ms and an nPerf score of 125,835 points.

Tele2: room for growth

Tele2, while trailing behind its competitors, offers download and upload speeds of 30 Mb/s and 11 Mb/s, respectively. The higher latency of 74 ms and a lower nPerf score of 84,049 points highlight areas for improvement, signaling an opportunity for Tele2 to enhance its service offerings and elevate the user experience.

Embracing the Future: Balticom is winning the FTTH market performance

ISPs like Baltcom, Balticom, and Tet are at the forefront of this FTTH segment, offering download speeds upwards of 300 Mb/s and upload speeds nearing the same mark. The significantly lower latencies at 20ms confirms Balticom leadership on the FTTH and the overall broadband market.

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