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The subscribers of Infonet enjoyed the best broadband performances in Estonia during 2023.

Estonia’s fixed Internet market is characterized by its dynamic competitive landscape, where Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are closely evaluated based on key performance indicators such as download and upload bitrates, latency, web browsing success rates, YouTube streaming performance, and overall nPerf scores. These metrics are instrumental in assessing the ISPs’ capability to deliver high-quality and reliable Internet services.

Infonet: Undisputed leader with exceptional connectivity

Infonet stands out in the Estonian fixed Internet market with an impressive nPerf score of 115,725 nPoints, highlighting its superior quality of service.

The ISP offers an excellent download bitrate of 88.41 Mb/s, coupled with an exceptional upload bitrate of 84.42 Mb/s, which is particularly beneficial for download-intensive activities like online gaming. online, video conferencing and content creation. With a remarkably low latency of 16.2ms, Infonet ensures a seamless and responsive online experience. The ISP also excels in web browsing and YouTube streaming, with success rates of 67.82% and 94.15% respectively, demonstrating its commitment to providing an optimal Internet experience.

Elisa: A robust competitor with balanced services

Elisa offers a robust service offering with a download speed of 89.38 Mb/s and an upstream speed of 38.78 Mb/s. The ISP latency of 39.69 ms allows for a smooth Internet experience, complemented by a rate of web browsing success of 65.6% and YouTube streaming performance of 87.71%. With an nPerf score of 92,379 nPoints, Elisa demonstrates its strong position in the market, effectively meeting a wide range of Internet usage needs.

Telia: A desire to stay on the market

Telia maintains a strong presence in the Estonian internet market with a download bitrate of 78.04 Mb/s and an impressive upload bitrate of 49.28 Mb/s. ISP latency stands at 33.25 ms , facilitating a responsive browsing and streaming experience. Telia’s web browsing and YouTube streaming success rates are 64.27% and 84.2% respectively, indicating reliable service delivery.

An nPerf score of 91,700 nPoints highlights Telia’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Tele2: Room for Improvement

Tele2, while trailing behind the leading ISPs in terms of speed and efficiency, still offers essential internet services with a download bitrate of 42.48 Mb/s and an upload speed of 19.07 Mb/s. The ISP’s higher latency of 72.93 ms may affect real-time applications, reflected in its lower web browsing and YouTube streaming success rates of 57.15% and 82.26% respectively. With an nPerf score of 65,637 nPoints, Tele2 has potential areas for enhancement to better compete in the market.


Analysis of the Estonian fixed Internet market highlights the leadership of Infonet, which stands out with its exceptional download speeds, low latency and superior streaming performance. Elisa and Telia offer competitive and reliable services, targeting a wide range of Internet users with their balanced performance profiles. Tele2, despite lagging behind in some areas, provides fundamental Internet services, which reflects a competitive and diverse market environment.

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