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Orange, the best mobile Internet in Slovakia

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Barometer of mobile Internet connections in Slovakia

H2 2021 – H1 2022

Orange provided the best mobile Internet performances in Slovakia during the last two semesters.

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The nPerf score, expressed in nPoints, gives an overall picture of the quality of a connection. It takes into account the measured bitrates (2/3 on download + 1/3 on upload), the latency and is affected by QoE tests equally (browsing / streaming). This score reflects the overall quality of the connection felt by the user.

The nPerf analysis

This study is based on tests carried out by users of the nPerf mobile application, available for free on iOS and Android.

Between July 1st, 2021 and June 30th, 2022 we counted in Slovakia 19.223 tests, distributed as follows, after filtering:

The overall distribution of the tests per provider is as follows:

Orange is the clear winner of the Slovak mobile Internet.

Thanks to its victory on all of the KPIs except the web browsing experience, this provider leads the race in our latest barometer. It scores approximately 7.000 nPoints more than its closest competitor, Telekom. By the way, in the few indicators where it hasn’t been the only winner, it records either the best, or the second best performance by a very short distance.

Orange subscribers enjoyed the best average mobile download speed (63 Mb/s), during the last two semesters.

Telekom is second with around 44 Mb/s, while O2 and 4ka remain far below, under 30 Mb/s. This way, Orange has provided a three times higher speed than the last ranked ISP during the last months.

Telekom and O2 seem to provide a much higher download bitrate in the night hours (respectively 2 a.m. and 3/4 a.m.), reaching 100 Mb/s, whereas their daytime average are under 50 Mb/s. After 7 a.m., Orange is much faster than its rivals, especially in the afternoon.

Telekom, second of our study, displays a couple of wins, however shared with its competitors: the upload speed and the video streaming experience. In general, its results are pretty good.

O2 keeps on fighting and its dynamics is encouraging.

This ISP finishes approximately 6.500 nPoints behind Telekom, but still 9.000 nPoints ahead of its pursuer 4ka… It steps out in web browsing in solitary and has the best success rate by a small margin. It records the second fastest time of response too, but should do better when it comes to the download and upload bitrates, and the streaming experience.

O2 provided the best performance rate in mobile Internet browsing (65%), during the last two semesters.

Besides 4ka, all the ISP show similar results in Slovakia, with a nPerf Performance Rate around 63%.

The browsing test allows the user to accurately measure the loading time of the 5 websites most frequented by local Internet users (YouTube is excluded from this test as it is subject to the following test). It is calculated considering the loading time of the page. A page loaded in 10 seconds or more gets a 0% performance rate and a page loaded instantly gets a performance rate of 100%. For example, a page loaded in 2 seconds will get a performance rate of 80%.

O2 recorded the best 5G connection rate (13%) of the last two semesters. 

Its subscribers may have benefited from a better (or earlier) 5G offer before the rest of the ISP marketed theirs. 

Statistics based on 2.607 tests performed on 5G compatible terminals, allowing the identification of the 5G technology (Android only). 

4ka shows smaller performances and only wins the YouTube streaming battle.

Anywhere else, this operator, formerly SWAN Mobile, is less beneficial than its opponents, indeed it ends at the last position. Even if its trend are good, the gap with its rivals remains large.

4ka, Orange and Telekom provided the best performance rates in mobile video streaming (82%), during the last two semesters.

The goal of the streaming test is to measure the quality of video viewing on the most popular streaming platform around the world: YouTube. It is calculated considering all the time required to load the video (before or during playback). If the ratio between the duration of the video and the overall reading time (reading + loading) tends to 1 then the performance index will tend towards 100%. And conversely, the more the ratio moves away from 1, the more the index will tend towards 0%. 

nPerf offers a free application for testing the quality of the Internet connection, downloadable for free on Android and iOS (Apple) mobile devices. Everyone is free to use this app to measure the quality of their mobile connection. The panel of this study is formed by the users of the nPerf application in Slovakia. 

Thus, the nPerf study is based on the thousands of tests carried out monthly, exclusively by the operators’ end customers, which makes it the “crowdsourced” study based on one of the largest panels of the country.

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