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Introducing the nPerf Fleet. It is a flexible drive test tool to troubleshoot and optimize your telecom infrastructure. Download and upload speeds, latency, the Internet quality of experience (browsing and streaming tests included), coverage data… More than 250 KPIs are available in real-time on our platform.

Request a demo and test nPerf Fleet to monitor both indoor and outdoor environments, identify black spots and improve the quality of your services for your subscribers.

A flexible solution for drive and walk tests

nPerf Fleet is a customizable solution. You can indeed easily create test scripts that you want and set up your parameters directly from our comprehensive online platform. Let’s take an example: you can perform only download speed tests with 5-second test duration; latency tests only with automatic server selection; or browsing tests with the website link you want to test. You set up the test scenarios which meet your needs.

A simple process for network optimization.

It is data oriented with real-time monitoring and geolocation, which means each test run by a field technician is live updated on the portal. A remote-controlled solution also means that you can schedule your speed tests on a specific day for instance.

Designed for any environment

We go further into network optimization as our solution has been designed for both indoor (train, building, event venue, underground, …) and outdoor environments. Get enriched indoor data thanks to a customed form that your field technicians fill in before performing a test. In this way, they can specify their exact location when GeoIP technology is not possible. Learn more about it in our dedicated article.  

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