nPerf Fleet: Drive test solution for QoE measurements

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Enhance your infrastructure indoors and outdoors with nPerf Fleet, a versatile professional drive and walk test tool designed for effective troubleshooting and optimization for telecom operators.

nPerf Fleet measures accurate network measurements, including download and upload speeds, latency, Internet quality of experience, and coverage data. With over 150 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and real-time data visualization on the nPerf platform (known as the nPerf Cockpit), nPerf Fleet is designed to boost network performance!

With nPerf Fleet, telecommunications operators can:

  • Identify infrastructure issues and prioritize engineering efforts.
  • Compare performance with competitors.
  • Measure connections in specific locations (such as buildings, event venues, trains, and underground areas).
  • Schedule tests for specific days or set up looped playback.
  • Monitor the network 24/7 to proactively prevent incidents using the probe mode.

An effective platform to get access to your data in real time.

  1. Real-time remote management of devices

Fleet Managers create desired test scenarios on the nPerf Cockpit, and these scenarios are instantly updated on the Fleet app for technicians in the field. The data collected by technicians is sent in real-time to the portal, enabling constant monitoring and data visualization.

Remote management enhances team organization and facilitates swift reactions in case of any issues.

  • Total customization of test scripts

nPerf Fleet is a highly customizable solution designed for operators seeking optimal performance. Fleet Managers can easily craft personalized test scripts and fine-tune parameters directly through our user-friendly online platform. Whether it’s prioritizing download speed tests with a swift 5-second duration, optimizing latency tests with automatic server selection, or conducting precise browsing tests on a chosen website link, operators have the flexibility to tailor test scenarios to meet their unique requirements.

  • Coverage mapping

The nPerf data visualization is particularly powerful when it comes to coverage data. Within the nPerf cockpit, coverage data from the field is seamlessly aggregated into an intuitive map, streamlining the benchmarking of competitors’ performances.

Coverage scans are filtered by devices, operator, technology (2G, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, 5G), and time period.

Unlock the power of nPerf Fleet! Dive into a world of seamless network optimization—request your free trial now and experience the future of enhanced performance.

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