How to deal with indoor speed test measurements?

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Testing a precise indoor location can be a significant challenge for operators due to a lack of accurate information. A field technician on the first floor of a building and another field technician on the fifth floor may have the exact same location. However, anyone who’s ever been into a huge building know that coverage and network can be totally different from one room to another one. And the deeper into the building you go, the worse the signal gets depending on the walls and windows.

How can telecom operators accurately troubleshoot or improve their performances in indoor environments?


Need custom solutions to enrich data

Building, train wagon, underground station, event venue, shopping mall, sport center… Some places need more information than just using the GeoIP technology.

Our drive test solution, called nPerf Fleet, helps operators optimize and monitor both indoor and outdoor telecom networks. Amongst lots of features, one is particularly useful when it comes to indoor measurements. Our customers can create a customized form that field technicians fill in before running a test.

Let’s take a concrete example. Let’s say a network provider wants to assess the connection in a twenty-storey building and makes sure each room get a very good Internet access. Before starting a speed test, the field technician could answer these questions:

–       Which floor are you on? Answer: from 1 to 20.

–       What is the orientation of the room? Answer: West, East, South, North.

–       What is the room number you are in? Answer: room number.

–       And so on…

Custom solutions are the key to get accurate data when it comes to live troubleshooting in indoor environment.

Need comprehensive solutions to adapt to the environment

Indoor speed test measurements also require adapting to environment thanks to a comprehensive tool. nPerf Fleet provides real-time management and monitoring. Operators can live visualize field technicians’ speed tests results, no matter the environment.

If you are a network operator looking to learn more about indoor measurements solutions, contact us!

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