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All-in-One Network Testing Device with nPerf/NEXTLab

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Introducing NetMeter by nPerf and NEXTLab

Revolutionizing telco network expertise, this innovative collaboration merges nPerf’s technology with NEXTLab’s cutting-edge automation solutions. Explore how this powerful combination of hardware and network testing app is ready to set new standards for performance assessment in the telecommunications industry, helping operators optimize their networks like never before.

A solution for network testing for telecom operators and IT Experts

NetMeter offers a comprehensive solution for testing Ethernet and assessing network conditions, all at an affordable price. With a wide range of features including throughput tests, various IP-based assessments like network packet capture and ping tests, it serves as a precision network measurement device tailored to assist operators troubleshooting and improve their infrastructure.

Equipped with embedded nPerf SDK technology, technicians can effortlessly configure the necessary test features. nPerf SDK offers a customizable solution, enabling operators to conveniently tailor test scripts to their requirements. It is data-oriented solution with real-time monitoring and geolocation.

Let’s explore the features of NetMeter

At Any Time, anywhere: When conducting an Internet nPerf speed test, you’ll automatically connect to the closest nPerf server. With 3,000 servers worldwide, nPerf ensures optimal testing conditions wherever users are.

Cloud-Based Service: the cloud service allows clients access all collected data.

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