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Introducing the nPerf SDK. Our customers can embed the nPerf speed test on their app with a full control over the testing parameters and the UI. With the nPerf SDK, they collect data such as speed results, latency, the Internet quality-of-experience metrics, signal strength, device information and so on directly from their existing app. Our nPerf SDK is now available for both iOS and Android applications. This is very effective especially for customer care’s and network operators’ apps.

Request a trial now and integrate our speed test into your mobile application to diagnose customer issues, predict customer churn, troubleshoot networks infrastructure, and plan improvements.

A trustful technology based on customer experience

Every day, nPerf is used by thousands of users around the world. For over twelve years, we have developed telecom tools to help people assess their Internet connection. We continually refine our methodology to make sure our clients can trust the information they are receiving. Our well-proven technology is used by telecommunication operators, regulator bodies, journalists, and private companies. 

We go further than just speed testing on mobile phones: we assess the end-users’ quality-of-experience thanks to our browsing, and streaming tests. We try to be as close as possible to the real-world Internet experience. In this way, mobile operators can better understand what their competitive advantages and rooms for improvements are.

With the nPerf SDK, you can integrate the same reliable technology into your app.

A total control over testing parameters and the UI

The nPerf SDK allows you to build from scratch the speed tests you want:

  • Develop with your IT team the test stages based on your specific needs. Everything is fully configurable as you program everything. For instance:

The Android SDK includes background signal strength to go further into scan optimization.

  • Create the user interface that you want and customize it in your own colors. Built your own speed test based on your brand identity!

Troubleshoot your network through your own app

All data metrics can be delivered via CSV file extracts on our online portal or automatically to your data warehouse (JSON API). The results are in real-time to make sure you stay up to date when it comes to your network performance.

Based on the results of your end-users, the nPerf SDK helps diagnose individual customer complaints and improve customer care; troubleshoot infrastructure problems, prevent customer churn.

To put in a nutshell, the nPerf SDK helps you improve long-term customer satisfaction.

Want to know more? Request a trial now!

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