Mobile Internet connections in Thailand

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The subscribers of True Move H enjoyed the best mobile Internet performances in Thailand during 2023.
The subscribers of True Move H enjoyed the best 5G mobile connections in Thailand during 2023.
True’s comprehensive market leadership

True solidifies its leadership in Thailand’s mobile network in 2023 with the highest overall nPerf score. It demonstrates superior performance with a download speed of 71.34 Mb/s in the total market. Its top streaming score of 87.06 and browsing score of 63.25 highlight True’s focus on delivering an exceptional user experience.

5G Focus: True’s commanding presence

In the 5G arena, True maintains its dominance, evidenced by its leading in each and every KPI: download and upload speed, latency and strong user experience metrics (streaming and browsing).

AIS: strong contender especially on 5G

AIS presents itself as a formidable challenger, especially in the 5G segment, boasting a download speed of 174.4 Mb/s. While it doesn’t outperform True in overall metrics, AIS’s focus on 5G innovation marks its commitment to staying at the forefront of mobile technology, suggesting a strategic emphasis on next- generation networks.

dtac: steady presence with emerging 5G capabilities

Holding third place in the overall market, dtac shows a consistent performance with a total market download speed of 36.25 Mb/s. In the 5G space, its download speed of 82.7 Mb/s, though behind AIS, shows promise for future growth and competitiveness in this rapidly advancing sector.


Looking forward to 2024, Thailand’s mobile network landscape is shaped by True’s overall and 5G leadership,  setting a high benchmark in both areas. The evolving dynamics, with AIS making notable strides in 5G and dtac showing steady overall performance, suggest a market ripe for further technological advancements and enhanced mobile experiences for users.

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