Türk Telekom, the best mobile Internet performance

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Barometer of Mobile Internet Connections in Turkey
First half 2021

🏆 Türk Telekom 🏆

The best mobile Internet performance in the first half of 2021

Results, all cellular generations combined, from tests performed on 4G-compatible terminals.

nPerf Analysis

During the first six months of 2021, nPerf users have performed 104 313 tests with nPerf mobile app on Turkey’s three largest Internet Service Providers, distributed after filtering as follows:

Türk Telekom, winner at last !

Türk Telekom has finally taken away the leadership from Turkcell, by providing the best download speed (30 Mb/s), upload speed (11 Mb/s), browsing performance (around 57% – alongside the two other operators) and streaming performance (73%). In other words, this ISP is only behind its competitors when it come to the latency, like one year ago, and the 4G/4G+ connection rates, which are a bit less significant within the nPerf score.

Vodafone remains the latency’s champion

Vodafone is, again, the most reactive network, by recording a latency of 45 ms. Thus, this provider should be the first choice for gamers.


On mobile networks, one provider clearly makes the difference. After its usual second position in the previous studies, Türk Telekom has become the most performant operator in this start of the year. We should now pay attention to this evolution, in the second half of 2021: if this trend consolidates, this would be the start of a dominating era for Türk Telekom.

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