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Antik provided the best fixed Internet performances

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Barometer of fixed Internet connections in Slovakia

H2 2021 – H1 2022

Antik provided the best broadband Internet performances in Slovakia during the last two semesters.

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The nPerf score, expressed in nPoints, gives an overall picture of the quality of a connection. It takes into account the measured bitrates (2/3 Download + 1/3 Upload) and the latency. These values are calculated on a logarithmic scale to better represent the perception of the user.

The nPerf analysis 

This study is based on tests carried out by users of the nPerf web speed test.

Between July 1st, 2021 and June 30th, 2022 we counted in Slovakia 491.426 speed tests, distributed as follows:

Antik Telecom reaches the top of the Slovak broadband Internet, in our newest barometer.

Thanks to its clear victory on each indicator of this report, the least represented ISP (5,2% of the tests) gives no chance to its competitors: just ahead of UPC and showing stunning figures on the download, overwhelmingly leading the upload (approximately 5 times faster than its rivals) and recording an impressive and stable latency, under the 20 ms. To sum up, its 152 242 nPoints and the large score gap between this provider and the rest of the contenders are truly deserved.

Without the shadow of a doubt, ANTIK crushes its opponents with a nearly symmetric connexion, which is rare for actual broadband offers. Its closest challenger on this field appears to be Telekom, with 32 Mb/s (upload speed), meaning more than four times slower than the leader!

By showing an average time of 19 ms, this minor operator shows the very best latency of the country. This could for example be very attractive for gamers. Moreover, this victory is comfortable, as the second best average performance is 26 ms for Orange. Nevertheless, even the slowest time of response (Telekom, 32 ms) is pretty correct this year. No major issue seems to have happened with the Slovak latency throughout the period, so the Internet users of this country can be reassured.

Behind, a group of serious contenders don’t give up

Despite being quite behind the winner in the score, UPC and Orange end up showing good results too, and finish respectively in the second and third step of the podium. Indeed, Orange and Telekom prove their willing to offer a better connexion quality through their recent enhancements of last spring. Telekom finishes in the fourth place of the ranking.

4ka and Slovanet get the last ranks

Both under 120 000 points, specially Slovanet, these operators seem to offer correct broadband services. But when looking at each KPI separately, we guess they still can do much better, and aren’t yet tthe best option for Slovak Internet users.

To sum up, the national figures are good, the competition is fierce between several providers, and some trends very exciting (Orange, Telekom…). If ever Antik manages to keep being representative enough, its lead will remain obvious in the short term, but behind, Orange and Telekom have recently surpassed UPC, second in the general ranking.

nPerf offers an Internet speed test application, which can be used for free at Everyone is free to use nPerf to measure the quality of their Internet connection. The panel of this study is formed by our users in Slovakia. 

The nPerf study is based on the thousands of tests carried out monthly, exclusively by the operators’ end customers, which makes it the “crowdsourced” study based on one of the largest panels of the country.

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