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MegaFon, best mobile Internet performance in Russia

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Barometer of Mobile Internet Connections in Russia 

During the last six months of 2020 and the first six months of 2021, nPerf users have performed 375 183 tests with the nPerf mobile app.

MegaFon confirms its first position

🏆 MegaFon provided the best mobile Internet performance during the first half of 2020 and the first half of 2021 🏆

At nPerf we take into account speed, latency, browsing and streaming on YouTube to estimate the quality of the Internet connection. So, according to our measurements, MegaFon has provided the best mobile Internet performance among the local mobile networks during the last twelve months.

Although its latency remains the worst of all (despite a slight improve), MegaFon has kept its leadership by providing the best download speed (close to 24 Mb/s), the best upload speed (close to 7 Mb/s), as well as the best streaming performance (65%), amongst others.

MTS Mobile comes back to the second place

This operator, in the second place on every major indicator, is yet a bit closer from the winner. Its results been better than Tele2’s this time, and MTS could soon surprise its competitors: if only the 4G / 4G+ connection rates were better for MTS, the upcoming months could turn much more unpredictable.

Tele2 still in the game, but needs to do better

Tele2 has delivered correct performances too, but its final score is lower than a year ago. This operator has indeed the best results regarding the latency and the browsing performance, but is frequently on the third step elsewhere, and even the last when it comes to the upload average speed. Tele 2 needs to improve its download and upload speed to remain the serious competitor it is used to be.

 nPerf Conclusion 

Russian mobile operators are fighting hard to deliver the best network performance, and it’s good for Russians. After the COVID-19 crisis, the performance of mobile Internet is not recovering that fast. The scores are once again very tight, let’s then keep a closer look within the next six months. The race will surely be exciting to follow.

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