Mobile and fixed Internet connections in Poland

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The subscribers of Netia and Orange enjoyed the best fixed Internet performances in Poland during 2023.

Poland’s fixed broadband market is bustling with competition, notably among ISPs such as Netia, Orange, Play, T-Mobile, and Vectra. This overview provides a concise comparison of their services, emphasizing rounded download and upload speeds, latency, and nPerf scores to offer a snapshot of the current broadband landscape.

Netia and Orange: joint front-runners

Netia and Orange are neck and neck in the race for broadband supremacy in Poland, both offering compelling services. Netia boasts a download speed of 186 Mb/s and leads with an upload speed of 86 Mb/s, coupled with a low latency of 23 ms, culminating in an impressive nPerf score of 148,600. Orange, with a slightly higher download speed of 189 Mb/s but a lower upload speed of 69 Mb/s and a latency of 25 ms, achieves a close nPerf score of 145,500. Both ISPs stand out for their robust services, making them top choices for users with diverse internet needs, from heavy downloading to extensive uploading.

Vectra: the speed dynamo

Vectra shines with the highest download speed of 215 Mb/s, paired with an upload speed of 44 Mb/s and a latency of 31 ms. Its nPerf score of 139,800 reflects its prowess in delivering fast internet, positioning Vectra as a preferred option for users prioritizing download capabilities.

Play: consistent and reliable

Play offers a steady service with a download speed of 183 Mb/s and an upload speed of 32 Mb/s. Despite a slightly higher latency of 30 ms, its nPerf score of 135,600 denotes a reliable internet service suitable for standard web activities and streaming.

T-Mobile: room for growth

T-Mobile, with room for improvement, presents a download speed of 71 Mb/s and an upload speed of 33 Mb/s. The latency stands at 41 ms, leading to an nPerf score of 115,100. These figures suggest T-Mobile’s potential for enhancing its services to better meet user expectations.


The fixed broadband environment in Poland is characterized by a spectrum of options, with Netia and Orange jointly leading the pack through their comprehensive service offerings. Vectra’s notable download speed caters to high-demand users, while Play provides a balanced solution. T-Mobile, albeit trailing, indicates opportunities for service enhancements.

The subscribers of Orange enjoyed the best mobile Internet performances in Poland during 2023.

In this analysis, we delve into the performance of mobile Internet Service Providers in Poland, focusing on key performance indicators such as download and upload bitrates, latency, web browsing scores, and YouTube streaming quality. The nPerf scores, an aggregate measure of network performance, provide an overarching insight into each ISP’s service quality, emphasizing user experience in browsing and streaming.

Orange: confirms its leadership

Orange stands out with impressive performance across the board. With a download bitrate of 45 Mb/s and an upload bitrate of 12 Mb/s, it ensures a robust and responsive online experience for users. A latency of 36 ms supports smooth real-time interactions, while web browsing and YouTube streaming scores of 69% and 82%, respectively, showcase its reliability in delivering content. The nPerf score of 77,085 points solidifies Orange’s position at the top, reflecting a superior user experience in browsing and streaming activities.

Play: the 5G champion

Play demonstrates commendable performance and share the top spot on 5G segment with Orange. With a download bitrate of 40 Mb/s and an upload bitrate of 12 Mb/s, Play’s performance are closely trailing the leader. The ISP maintains a competitive edge with a latency of 37 ms, ensuring minimal delay in data transmission. Web browsing and YouTube streaming scores stand at 65% and 79%, respectively, indicating a reliable service. Play is especially strong on the 5G segment, offering the best consumer experience (browsing and streaming). The nPerf score of 71,672 points positions Play as a strong contender in the market.

T-Mobile: close competition

T-Mobile showcases a competitive performance with a download bitrate of 45 Mb/s, on par with Orange, and an upload bitrate of 11 Mb/s. A slightly higher latency of 40 ms, compared to Orange, might affect some time- sensitive applications. Web browsing and YouTube streaming scores are commendable at 67% and 80%, respectively. With an nPerf score of 74,037 points, T-Mobile stands as a close competitor, offering a high-quality user experience.

Plus: room for improvement

Plus faces significant challenges, with the lowest download and upload bitrates at 8 Mb/s and 2 Mb/s, respectively. The latency of 61 ms is the highest among the ISPs, potentially affecting real-time online interactions. Web browsing and YouTube streaming scores are also the lowest at 59% and 73%, respectively, pointing towards a need for substantial improvements. The nPerf score of 36,041 points reflects its struggle to keep up with competitors.


The analysis of Poland’s mobile market reveals Orange as the frontrunner, excelling in both browsing and streaming experiences. Play and T-Mobile offer competitive services, with Plus lagging and in need of improvement.

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