Barometer of fixed Internet connections in Slovenia

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The subscribers of T-2 enjoyed the best broadband performances in Slovenia during 2023.

In the competitive domain of fixed broadband services, the assessment of ISPs through nPerf scores and key performance metrics is pivotal for gauging service quality. This report delves into Slovenia’s broadband sector, examining ISPs on the fronts of download and upload speeds, latency, and overall user experience as mirrored by nPerf scores.

T-2 dominates with unmatched performance

T-2 emerges as the standout leader in Slovenia’s fixed broadband market, boasting an impressive download speed of 185.47 Mb/s and an upload speed of 61.66 Mb/s. Its remarkable low latency of 15.18 ms further enhances user experiences in browsing and streaming, culminating in a high nPerf score of 153,059 nPoints.

Telemach a strong contender

Telemach boasted a download speed of 156.23 Mb/s and an upload speed of 47.2 Mb/s. Despite a slightly higher latency of 20.75 ms, it achieves an nPerf score of 143,109 nPoints, indicating a robust service capable of delivering high-quality browsing and streaming experiences.

A1: steady performance

A1 holds its ground with a commendable download speed of 124.22 Mb/s and an upload speed of 39.42 Mb/s. Its latency stands at 17.44 ms, contributing to an nPerf score of 141,092 nPoints and highlighting a reliable and efficient broadband service.

Telekom: room for improvement

Telekom offers a download speed of 110.56 Mb/s and an upload speed of 43.7 Mb/s. A latency of 20.29 ms results in an nPerf score of 137,470 nPoints, showcasing a commendable performance with room for improvement, especially on the upload speed.

Conclusion: T-2 Sets the Benchmark

T-2 unmistakably leads the charge in Slovenia’s fixed broadband landscape, distinguished by its superior download and upload speeds coupled with an exceptional nPerf score. Close behind, Telemach, A1, and Telekom each present their strengths, offering consumers a variety of choices based on speed, latency, and overall performance.

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