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The subscribers of Elisa enjoyed the best broadband performances in Finland during 2023.

The Finnish fixed Internet market is distinguished by its high-quality service offerings, with ISPs being evaluated on critical performance metrics such as download and upload bitrates, latency, web browsing success rates, YouTube streaming performance, and overall nPerf scores. These indicators are essential for understanding each ISP’s capability to provide reliable and fast internet services.

Elisa: Leader with superior performance at all levels

Elisa emerges as the leading figure in the fixed Internet sector in Finland, with an impressive nPerf score of 104,671 nPoints. This leadership position is backed by the market’s highest download bitrate of 120.23 Mb/s, coupled with a substantial upload bitrate of 51.71 Mb/s, effectively addressing heavy download tasks and download-centric activities like content creation and online backups. With a latency of 50.11 ms, Elisa ensures a smooth and responsive Internet experience. The ISP also excels in web browsing and YouTube streaming, with success rates of 79.95% and 89.52% respectively, illustrating its commitment to providing an optimal online experience.

DNA: Competitive

DNA offers a solid service with a download throughput of 113.14 Mb/s and an upload speed of 32.22 Mb/s. Although its latency of 78.49 ms is higher than that of Elisa, DNA still maintains a commendable web browsing success rate of 73.83% and a YouTube streaming performance of 87.82%. An nPerf score of 91,222 nPoints positions DNA as a serious competitor in the Finnish Internet market, demonstrating its ability to provide quality services.

Telia: Room for improvement

Telia maintains a consistent presence in the market with a download bitrate of 91.47 Mb/s and an upload bitrate of 32.6 Mb/s. ISP latency of 58.24 ms enables a responsive online experience and satisfying, as evidenced by its web browsing and YouTube streaming success rates of 75.64% and 89.19% respectively. With an nPerf score of 93,419 nPoints, Telia demonstrates its commitment to providing reliable Internet services.


The Finnish fixed Internet market is characterized by high-quality services, with Elisa leading the way in terms of speed, efficiency, and overall user experience. DNA and Telia also offer competitive services, ensuring that Finnish consumers have access to a range of reliable Internet options.

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