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Lanet, first on download and upload tests and latency

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Barometer of Fixed Internet Connections in Ukraine – Year 2019

In 2019, nPerf users has made 408,587 connection tests on Ukraine’s six largest Internet Service Providers.

*** Lanet provided the Best Fixed Internet Performance in 2019 ***

Lanet dominates the market in terms of performance of fixed Internet connections by being first on download and upload speed tests and latency tests.

It should be noted that Lanet represents less than 6% of our market share, which suggests a little used network. It is the same for the second, Triolan.

In comparison, Kyivstar, in 3rd place, alone accounts for about 30% of our tests and showed great performances close to the first two!

In 2019, the average download speed in Ukraine was 40 Mb/s.

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