AIS, the best fixed Internet performances in 2018

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Barometer of fixed internet connections in Thailand – Year 2018

AIS, the best fixed Internet performances in 2018

In 2018, nPerf users have performed 8 237 462 connection tests on Thailand’s five largest ISPs. As we proceed for mobile networks we calculate a score that takes into account download, upload throughputs and latency results. Download throughputs counts for 2/3 of the score.

Download average speed has increased of 46% and reached 53 Mb/s in 2018.

Upload average speed has increased of 70% and reached 26 Mb/s.

AIS dominates the market in terms of performances on fixed Internet connections thanks to its first place on latency results and through very good download speed results.

Too bad for CAT Telecom. Despite an excellent upload speed at 39,56 Mb/s far ahead its competitors (the second, 3BB, reaches only 30,22 Mb/s) he only reach the second place in our ranking.

As in 2017, 3BB offers the best download speed in the country. Unfortunately, the ISP is penalized with its results in Latency and upload speed.

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True Move H is at the first place in our ranking

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