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nPerf Speed Test / Press release / July 25, 2023

Barometer of mobile Internet connections  


H2 2022 – H1 2023 

Telekom provided the best mobile Internet performances in Slovakia during the last two semesters.

This study is based on tests carried out by users of the nPerf mobile application, available for free on iOS and Android. Between July 1st, 2022, and June 30th, 2023, users of the nPerf app completed 19.770 tests in Slovakia.

The overall distribution of the tests per provider is as follows:

The nPerf study is based on thousands of tests carried out exclusively by the operators’ end customers, which makes it the “crowdsourced” study based on one of the largest panels of the country. These tests reflect the actual experience of the general public in Slovakia on the various Internet networks.

Telekom won the Slovak mobile Internet contest from July 1st, 2022, and June 30th, 2023. Thanks to its victory on all the KPIs (except the latency), the carrier leads the race and let Orange, the previous winner, at the second place. 

The subscribers of Telekom Mobile enjoyed the best average mobile download speed (69.16 Mb/s) during the last two semesters.

  • Download speed indicates the amount of data your connection can receive in one second from the nPerf server. The highest the measured value, the best is the bitrate of your connection. Surfing the Internet, listening to music or downloading large files require a good download speed. Download speed is measured in megabits per second (Mb/s). 

Orange is yet still a robust operator in the country, especially when it comes to latency, browsing and streaming tests.  

  • The latency indicates the delay a small packet of data needs to make a round-trip from your device to a server. It describes how responsive your connection is: the time between sending information and receiving it. The shorter the delay, the most reactive is your connection. Latency is measured in milliseconds (ms). 

O2 keeps on fighting. This carrier’s subscribers have enjoyed a very good latency over the period. But the operator still has efforts to make when it comes to download and upload speeds. 

4ka shows slower performances. The operator came last. Even if the company is continuing its improvement trends, the gap with its rivals remains widen.

5G connection rate
The principle is simple: for each operator, the number of tests performed in 5G is divided by the total number of cellular tests. In other words, this rate corresponds to the probability of being connected in 5G with a given ISP. 

Statistics based on 1.776 tests performed on 5G compatible terminals, allowing the identification of the 5G technology (Android only).

O2 recorded the best 5G connection rate of the two latest semesters.  – nPerf Facebook Linkedin Twitter 

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