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Faiba, the best fixed Internet performances in Kenya

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Barometer of fixed Internet connections in Kenya

H2 2021 – H1 2022

Faiba provided the best broadband Internet performances in Kenya during the last two semesters.

Image of the summary table png2000 png500.

The nPerf score, expressed in nPoints, gives an overall picture of the quality of a connection. It takes into account the measured bitrates (2/3 Download + 1/3 Upload) and the latency. These values are calculated on a logarithmic scale to better represent the perception of the user.

The nPerf analysis 

This study is based on tests carried out by users of the nPerf web speed test.

Between July 1st, 2021 and June 30th, 2022 we counted in Kenya 36.632 speed tests, distributed as follows:

Faiba is sacred champion of the Kenyan broadband Internet.

Its clear-cut victories on all the KPI contribute to its easy triumph in our newest barometer. By showing much better speed figures, and being the only provider under the 30 ms of latency, its more than 110k nPoints, and the large score gap with the rest of the contenders are fully deserved (>20k nPoints).

Safaricom and Zuku, in the battle for the second place.

These ISP have done a good work throughout the period, and even if they finish 20k nPoints under the leader, they will surely fight to be considered the main opponent to the JTL fixed ISP. Their scores are tight (only 500 points separate them) but their positions are relevant : while Zuku is ranked second for downloading, Safaricom is ranked second for uploading and for the latency.

Telkom Kenya and Mawingu WiFi, a step below.

Even if their performance are not that bad, these providers will surely carry on their efforts to improve their networks, and try to stay in the race. Mawingu gets the last position in both speed tests, whereas Telkom records the slowest average latency (51 ms).

Besides the domination of Faiba, we keep in mind the quick progression of Telekom through the last month, and thus wonder whether the next months will bring surprises. 

nPerf offers an Internet speed test application, which can be used for free at Everyone is free to use nPerf to measure the quality of their Internet connection. The panel of this study is formed by our users in Kenya. 

The nPerf study is based on thousands of tests carried out monthly, exclusively by the operators’ end customers, which makes it the “crowdsourced” study based on one of the largest panels of the country.

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