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Internet connections in the Czech Republic

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The subscribers of Nej enjoyed the best broadband performances in the Czech Republic during 2023.


In the Czech Republic, each telecom operator not only offers unique connectivity solutions but also contributes to the nation’s rapidly evolving digital narrative. With their scores reflecting their service quality.

Nej: the telecom market leader is not just leading; it’s defining the pace of digital evolution in the Czech Republic with download speeds that peak at 126 Mb/s and upload speeds reaching a remarkable 97 Mb/s. This ISP is the go-to for those who refuse to compromise on speed and reliability, ensuring that every digital interaction is seamless. With an impressive nPerf score of 150,346,’s commitment to excellence is undeniable.

Vodafone: the download speed champion

Vodafone Czech Republic delivers balanced connectivity with an impressive download speeds of 142 Mb/s and upload speeds of 30 Mb/s, suitable for a variety of online needs. With an nPerf score of 136,704, Vodafone demonstrates its dedication to quality and innovation.

Starnet: balanced performances

With download speeds reaching 78 Mb/s and upload speeds at 62 Mb/s, Starnet caters to a diverse user base, from avid gamers to digital businesses. Its nPerf score of 135,153 is a testament to its robust and high-quality service.

T-Mobile: a robust competitor

T-Mobile Czech Republic shines with download speeds of 93 Mb/s and upload speeds of 59 Mb/s, facilitating a spectrum of digital activities. The nPerf score of 130,082 underscores its mission to provide top-tier connectivity

O2: a steady contender

O2 Czech Republic, with its rich legacy in the telecom sector, provides dependable download speeds of 62 Mb/s and upload speeds of 28 Mb/s. Its nPerf score of 120,131 reflects a qualitative service with room for performance enhancement on download and upload speed.

Nordic Telecom: room for improvement

Nordic Telecom offers download speeds of 52 Mb/s and upload speeds of 22 Mb/s, far from its main competitors performances. However, with an average latency of 26ms, Nordic Telecom shows a reliable and efficient network service performance.

The subscribers of O2 and T-Mobile enjoyed the best mobile Internet performances in the Czech Republic during 2023.

The Czech Republic’s telecom sector is a vibrant showcase of innovation and customer-centric services, with O2 and T-Mobile in a tight race, demonstrating the competitive spirit that drives the industry forward.

O2: a market co-leader

O2 Czech Republic, with its impressive download speeds of 80 Mb/s and upload speeds of 24 Mb/s, coupled with a low latency of 32 ms, stands as a beacon of digital innovation. The ISP excels with a navigation score of 74% and a streaming score of 89%, reflecting its commitment to providing a seamless online experience. Its nPerf score of 96,739 places it in a dead heat with T-Mobile, highlighting the intense competition.

O2 is taking the first place on 5G, its consumer enjoyed an average download speed of 190 Mb/s and an impressive streaming score of 92%.

T-Mobile: the connectivity champion

T-Mobile showcases its prowess with download speeds of 78 Mb/ s and the highest upload speeds in the competition at 28 Mb/s. The ISP’s dedication to a smooth user experience is evident from its latency of 31 ms, navigation score of 73%, and a streaming score of 87%. With an nPerf score of 96,595, T-Mobile is virtually tied with O2, underscoring the close contest in the Czech telecom sector.

Vodafone: a robust competitor

Vodafone, with download speeds of 59 Mb/s and upload speeds of 25 Mb/s, ensures a competitive service offering, particularly highlighted by its latency of 31 ms. The ISP maintains a strong user experience with navigation and a streaming score of 73% and 87%, respectively, culminating in an nPerf score of 92,098.

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