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The subscribers of ANTIK Telecom enjoyed the best broadband performances in Slovakia during 2023.

Slovakia’s broadband market is characterized by a diverse array of Internet Service Providers, each offering unique service levels, as reflected in their download and upload bitrates, latency figures, and overall nPerf scores. This analysis aims to dissect these metrics to provide a clearer picture of the ISP landscape in Slovakia, focusing on the quality of internet service as it pertains to user experiences.

ANTIK Telecom: the unquestionable leader

ANTIK Telecom sets the benchmark in Slovakia’s broadband market with outstanding download and upload speeds of 165 Mb/s and 157 Mb/s, respectively. Coupled with a low latency of 16 ms, ANTIK Telecom achieves the highest nPerf score among its peers at 158,162 points, showcasing its prowess in delivering fast and responsive internet services.

UPC: the challenger with a twist

UPC emerges as a strong contender with impressive download speeds of 155 Mb/s, rivaling that of ANTIK Telecom. However, its upload speed of 22 Mb/s and a latency of 17 ms present a mixed bag, culminating in an nPerf score of 140,346 points. This positions UPC as a formidable player, particularly for users prioritizing download speeds.

Orange: the balanced performer

Orange offers a well-rounded service with download and upload speeds of 135 Mb/s and 57 Mb/s, respectively, paired with a latency of 24 ms. With an nPerf score of 139,662 points, Orange stands out for its balanced approach, catering to both download and upload needs effectively.

Telekom: the reliable contender

Telekom demonstrates solid performance with download and upload speeds of 124 Mb/s and 50 Mb/s, respectively, and a latency of 31 ms. Its nPerf score of 132,107 points reflects a reliable service that competes strongly in the Slovak broadband market.

4ka and Slovanet: room for improvement

4ka and Slovanet show promising potential with nPerf scores of 127,369 and 119,730 points, respectively. 4ka offers download and upload speeds of

79 Mb/s and 35 Mb/s with a latency of 24 ms, while Slovanet provides download and upload speeds of 68 Mb/s and 24 Mb/s with a latency of 27 ms. Both ISPs highlight the competitive nature of Slovakia’s broadband sector, indicating room for growth and improvement.

O2: lagging behind

O2 KPI results suggest areas for enhancement. The download speed stands at 48 Mb/s, but the other metrics indicate a need for development to boost its nPerf score and overall service quality.


Slovakia’s broadband market is marked by a spectrum of performances, from ANTIK Telecom’s leading speed capabilities to O2’s potential for growth. The diversity in service offerings, from high-speed downloads to balanced upload and download capabilities, provides Slovak consumers with a range of choices to suit different needs and preferences.

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