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EE provided the Best Mobile Internet Performance 2020

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Barometer of Mobile Internet Connections in the UK – Year 2020

In 2020, nPerf users has made 133,408 connection tests (including speed test, browsing and streaming test) with nPerf mobile app​ (iOS, Android).

After filtering, our survey is based on 96,712 relevant tests performed by 11,350 users. With these tests nPerf measures the real customer performance.

The nPerf score goal reflects the customer experience. It is based on the five most important KPI’s (download speed, upload speed, latency, streaming and browsing).

🏆 EE has provided the best mobile internet performance 2020 🏆

EE is the winner of following categories:

  • ​Best download speed with 59.8 Mb/s                   
  • ​Best latency with 37.5 ms
  • ​Best browsing performance with a performance rate of 68.88%
  • Best streaming performance with a performance rate of 78.60%

And has been the joint winner (*) with Vodafone UK:

  • ​Best upload speed with 12.38 Mb/s

In the end, EE wins with a comfortable lead over Vodafone who was n°1 on our 2019 podium.

Note also that with the acceleration of 5G in the last quarter of 2020, some operators such as EE, Vodafone and Three have significantly increased their download troughtputs.

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