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Fixed Internet Connections in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The subscribers of Telemach enjoyed the best broadband performances in Bosnia and Herzegovina during 2023.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the telecom landscape is characterized by a competitive environment among several key players, each striving to offer better services in terms of speed, reliability, and coverage.

Telemach : The market leader

With impressive download speeds of 91 Mb/s and upload speeds of 13 Mb/s, ensuring high-quality streaming, gaming, and large data uploads with ease. The latency of 42 ms matches that of Mtel, indicating a similarly smooth online experience. The highest nPerf score among the competitors at 111,459 confirms Telemach’s superior performance and reliability.

Mtel : a strong competitor

Mtel stands out with a download speeds of 27 Mb/s and an upload speeds of 11 Mb/s. The lower latency of 42 ms offers a more responsive internet experience, crucial for seamless streaming and gaming. With an nPerf score of 90,651, Mtel showcases its strong performance in the market.

HT : offers a competitive service

HT shows a slight improvement over BH Telecom, offering download speeds of 20 Mb/s and upload speeds of 5 Mb/s. The reduced latency of 59 ms suggests a smoother online experience, potentially benefiting real-time applications slightly better than its competitor. An nPerf score of 74,874 reflects its commitment to providing a competitive service.

BH Telecom : room for improvement

BH Telecom presents a download speeds of 16 Mb/s and upload speeds of 4 Mb/s, which may cater to basic internet needs such as browsing and standard-definition streaming. However, with a latency of 64 ms, users might experience some delays in high-demand activities like online gaming or video conferencing. The nPerf score of 67,837 points towards a reliable service but indicates room for improvement, especially in enhancing upload speeds and reducing latency.

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