Barometer of fixed Internet Connections in Norway

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The subscribers of Enivest enjoyed the best broadband performances in Norway during 2023.

The Norwegian fixed broadband market showcases diverse performances among key Internet Service Providers (ISPs), with notable distinctions in download and upload speeds, latency, and overall service scores. Enivest leads the pack with the highest download and upload speeds, followed by Altibox, which also shows strong performance across metrics. Global Connect, Telenor, and Telia present varied results, with certain areas requiring improvement to enhance competitive standing.

Leading the pack: Enivest’s superior speed and low latency

Enivest stands out with the highest download speed at 156 Mb/s and an upload speed of 158 Mb/s, combined with an exceptionally low latency of 9.48 ms. These top-tier results contribute to its high overall score of 135,590 nPoints, positioning Enivest as a leader in the Norwegian market, particularly appealing to customers with high bandwidth and low latency needs.

Altibox: high performance with symmetrical speed excellence

Altibox offers competitive download and upload speeds of 152 Mb/s and 154 Mb/s, respectively, with a moderate latency of 33.72 ms. Its overall score of 123,407 nPoints reflects strong performance, particularly in symmetrical speed delivery, making it a preferred choice for both regular and demanding internet users.

Global Connect: steady performer with room for growth

Global Connect shows a balanced performance with a download speed of 136 Mb/s and an upload speed of 117 Mb/s. However, its higher latency of 67.46 ms and a score of 112,004 nPoints indicate areas for improvement, especially in reducing latency to enhance user experience.

Telia: reliable service with potential for speed enhancement

Telia presents a mixed picture with a download speed of 121 Mb/s, but a relatively low upload speed of 62 Mb/s, paired with a latency of 38.05 ms. Its overall score of 105,841 nPoints suggests that while it offers reliable service, there is considerable scope for improving upload speeds and reducing latency.

Telenor: navigating challenges to enhance connectivity

Telenor has room for enhancement, with a download speed of 116 Mb/s and an upload speed of 90 Mb/s. The high latency of 99.38 ms further impacts its user experience, reflected in its lower score of 99,684 nPoints. Focusing on network improvements could significantly boost Telenor’s market position.


The Norwegian fixed broadband market is characterized by a competitive landscape where high-speed internet and low latency are increasingly becoming table stakes. Enivest’s leadership in both speed and latency sets a high benchmark for quality of service. Altibox’s strong symmetrical speeds indicate a focus on serving the needs of content creators and businesses alongside regular consumers.

Global Connect, Telenor, and Telia, while offering respectable services, need to focus on specific areas such as latency reduction and upload speed improvement to enhance their value proposition.

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