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Barometer of Fixed Internet Connections in Czech Republic – Year 2019

In 2019, nPerf users has made 102,161 connection tests on the seven largest Internet Service Providers in Czech Republic.

*** UPC and Starnet provided the Best Fixed Internet Performances in 2019 ***

In 2019, UPC dominates the market in terms of download speeds of fixed Internet connections while Starnet provides the best upload speeds and the best latency of the country.

Starnet is the winner of the following categories:

  • Best upload speed with 38 Mb/s
  • Best latency with 26 ms

UPC is the winner of the following categories:

  • Best download speed with 82 Mb/s

The Czech population was able to benefit from an average download speed of 46 Mb/s and upload speed of 15 Mb/s.

, still in second position on each of the performance indicators, is not far behind the two leaders, even if we can relativize its results because Nej only represents less than 6% of our tests which means that its network is still little used. For comparison, the tests performed on UPC, joint winner with Starnet in our ranking, represent 22% of the overall volume, so it is a very good score for UPC too.

was well underway in the middle of the year but fell in the second half due to its latency while Starnet and Nej maintained their good performances. As a result, at the end of the year, the scores of these three ISPs come very close.

A great battle in perspective for 2020!

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