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TurkNet, Best Fixed Internet Performance in Turkey

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Barometer of Fixed Internet Connections in Turkey – Year 2020

In 2020 (between January 1, 2020 –  December 31, 2020)nPerf users has made 3,962,561 connection tests on the four largest Internet Service Providers in Turkey.                                     

*** TurkNet provided the Best Fixed Internet Performance in 2020 ***

TurkNet is the winner of the following categories:

  • Best download speed with 26 Mb/s.
  • Best latency with 32 ms.

TurkCell Superonline first on upload speed

Regarding the upload speed, Turkcell Superonline has delivered the best upload speed on fixed networks with an average speed of 6.79 Mb/s


On fixed networks, one provider clearly makes the difference. With a download speed of 26.45 Mb/s and a particularly good latency, Turknet has no rivals for the moment.

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