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Barometer of fixed Internet connections in Hungary

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The subscribers of Digi enjoyed the best broadband performances in Hungary during 2023.

In evaluating the quality of Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Hungary, it’s crucial to consider various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as download and upload bitrates, latency, and summarize the overall performance in the nPerf scores. These metrics offer insights into the internet service provider performance and intend reflect user experiences.

Digi takes the lead with stellar performance

Digi stands out with impressive figures, boasting the highest download bitrate at 307 Mb/s and an upload speed of 160 Mb/s, coupled with a low latency of just 16 ms. Its nPerf score, a significant 168,050 nPoints, highlights its superior service quality, ensuring an optimal user experience for all digital activities at home.

Telekom: a strong contender

Telekom offers robust download and upload speeds of 241 Mb/s and 150 Mb/s, respectively. With a latency of 22 ms and an nPerf score of 157,955 nPoints, it provides a reliable and efficient internet service, though slightly behind Digi in performance metrics.

Vodafone: solid third

With a download speed of 167 Mb/s but a notably lower upload speed of 23 Mb/s, Vodafone shows a mixed performance. The latency stands at 24 ms, and its nPerf score is 135,564 nPoints. These performances would ensure Vodafone a top position in many countries but in the competitive Hungarian market, Vodafone remains third behind Digi and Telekom.

Yettel: Trails behind

Yettel, with the lowest metrics across the board; a download speed of merely 54 Mb/s, an upload speed of 20 Mb/s, and the highest latency of 40 ms is lagging behing competitors.


In summary, Digi leads the pack in Hungary’s fixed broadband sector, excelling in all examined KPIs, which translates to a superior browsing and streaming experience. Telekom follows with commendable figures, positioning itself as a reliable alternative. Vodafone, with reasonable download capabilities, falls short on upload speed, affecting its overall ranking. Yettel, while adequate for basic use, remains the least favorable option for performance-seeking users.

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