The 2023 nPerf Award for Excellence in Networks

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The one and only jury member… Focus on the nPerf Score! 

Individuals worldwide can perform a reliable speed test on the nPerf apps (Android and iOS) or website at no cost. Our speed test assesses download and upload speeds, latency, and evaluates browsing and streaming performances for tests conducted on mobile devices.

Drawing insights from our user community’s speed test results, the nPerf Award identifies the top-performing ISPs and mobile network providers from the previous year. We present two distinct awards: one for mobile performance and another for broadband performance.

In 2024, the nPerf Awards are back!

The one and only jury member… Focus on the nPerf Score!

The nPerf score is an international quality standard. It relies on metrics such as download and upload speeds, latency, and the outcomes of browsing and streaming tests.

Our score serves as an international benchmark, employed by major operators for year-over-year self-comparisons. Recognized for its proven technology, our system is endorsed for its reliability, independence, and neutrality.

Its goal is to capture the everyday Internet experience for your end-users, providing a snapshot of the actual network performance!

Why nPerf Award Matters

Demonstrate the superiority of your network! Advertise across all media platforms, showcasing that your telecommunication networks outperform your competitors’. Secure exclusive communication rights for an entire year, spanning television, radio, press releases, website content, social media, print ads, billboards, email signatures, and more. Think outside the box and make your network recognizable!

  • Promote your network performance through the media of your choice.
  • Set yourself apart from the competition.
  • Cultivate customer trust and reinforce your brand’s credibility.
  • Attract new subscribers and appeal to a broader customer base.
  • Motivate your employees internally.
  • Reassure your investors about your performance.

Interested in viewing examples of how our clients utilize the Award? Click here.

Get noticed and make some noise – how about an event? Consider hosting a trophy ceremony at your headquarters, complete with media coverage. It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase your network performance to journalists and online influencers, ensuring visibility and recognition.

Enhance your marketing strategy with the nPerf Award. Reach out to us to determine if your network qualifies.

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