3BB dominates the market on fixed Internet connections

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Barometer of fixed Internet connections in Thailand– Year 2019

In 2019, nPerf users have performed 10.594.501 connection tests on Thailand’s four largest ISPs.

Download average speed has increased of 90% and reached 100 Mb/s in 2019 and upload average speed has increased of 170% and reached 73 Mb/s !!

It is a spectacular increase of local fixed Internet speeds in only 1 year.

Thai ISPs have delivered better performances than ISPs of most of European countries, for example in France…

3BB dominates the market in terms of performances on fixed Internet connections thanks to its first place on download and upload speed results.

AIS, the best latency. With a latency close to 15 ms, AIS will satisfy gamers!

True is penalized by its bad upload speed.

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