Inea, first on download and upload speed tests

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Barometer of fixed internet connections in Poland – Year 2018

Inea, the best fixed Internet network in 2018

In 2018, nPerf users conducted 96.499 connection tests on Poland’s six largest Internet Service Providers. Inea dominates the market in terms of performance of fixed Internet connections by being first on download and upload speed tests, and is placed equal first on latency tests.

Let’s relativize a bit these results because Inea represents only 5% of our tests which means that its network is still little used. For comparison, the tests performed on UPC, second in our study, represent 27% of the overall volume, so it is a very good score for UPC too.

In 2018, the average download speed in Poland was 60 Mb/s.

All technologies combined, Inea has offered the best download speed (98.23 Mb/s) to its subscribers in 2018.

All technologies combined, UPC and Inea have offered the best average latency to their subscribers in 2018.

It’s UPC who has improved the most on 2018 but Inea is still the leader.

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About nPerf

nPerf offers an Internet speed test application, which can be

The results obtained are subject to automatic and manual checks to avoid duplication and to rule out possible abusive or fraudulent use (massive tests, robots …).

To ensure maximum user bandwidth at all times, nPerf relies on a network of servers dedicated to this task. These servers are located with hosts in Croatia and abroad.

Local providers are welcome to install nPerf servers, that’s free!

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