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True Move H, the best mobile Internet performances

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Barometer of mobile Internet connections in Thailand

2021 Report​

Between January 1st, 2021 and December 31st, 2021, nPerf users has made around 3,5 million connection tests (including speed, browsing and streaming tests) through the nPerf mobile app (iOS, Android). With this kind of tests nPerf measures the real performance. 

🏆 True Move H provided the best mobile Internet performances in 2021 🏆

Our analysis

For the second time, this publication includes the 5G results. Indeed, their proportion is growing fast.

True Move H, best mobile carrier for the sixth time, on mobile Internet services

True Move H has now won the performance’s battle for 6 years in a row! With a score of 74 438 nPoints (+5.1% in one year), True Move stays ahead AIS, number two (+4.7%), and dtac and remains the last ranked operator, far below its competitors. 

This year True Move does well, but loses the download and upload speed race against AIS. Nevertheless, it wins the other important indicators: 

• Best success rate with 91%

• Best latency with 29.8 ms

• Best browsing experience with a performance rate of 56.5 %

• Best streaming experience with a performance rate of 75.4 %

AIS takes the lead on the downlink speed competition

In global, AIS keeps the second position of our ranking. Its enhancing is solid, especially when it comes to the bitrates: thanks to its efforts, AIS steals the download speed victory to True Move H for the first time in the last years. Moreover, the operator stands strong at the first position for the global uplink speed and, in 5G too, the best download speed average is awarded to the AIS network.

dtac, still in third place

dtac shows a global recovery in 2021, but its results are not even close to True Move H and AIS. Its missed start in 5G penalizes its performances seriously.

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