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Every day, thousands of people around the world run a nPerf speed test on the website or the mobile app to measure the performance of their Internet connection. Our network ensures our users get the most accurate, reliable measure of the quality of their connectivity. In fact, testing with a local server eliminates bottlenecks that can reduce the performance (especially the ping).

Today, we have more than 2,000 servers worldwide.

Get data from your server hosting
  • Get access to test data: as a hosting partner, you have access to some metrics collected through test performed on your servers.
  • You are an Internet service provider? Let your subscribers test their Internet connections on servers located in your core network for best performances.
  • Use a free marketing tool: your logo and company name are shared on the nPerf website and app. It means each time a user runs a speed test, they see your company. What an interesting way to strengthen your brand awareness!
Interested in joining the nPerf server network?

Join thousands of others in helping us provide the most accurate Internet test possible.

Two solutions are available to you. The service provided by nPerf is of course totally free.

  • Managed server: our team does everything (installation, sever protection, maintenance, application updates).
  • Unmanaged server: you handle everything. An installation script is available on request to help you out. A strong knowledge of Linux system is required yet.

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