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After watching Underscore’s YouTube video which questioned the accuracy of speed tests, you might be wondering: can we really trust them?

At nPerf, a French company, measuring speed is our profession. That’s why we’ve deeply explored this question and are committed to providing you with clear answers. In this article, we will delve deep into the issue of the reliability of speed tests, highlighting the crucial role of Quality of Experience (QoE).

Managing Network Congestion: nPerf’s Solution for Reliable Speed Tests

It’s common to observe variations in speed test results depending on the time of day, often due to network congestion. This congestion, resulting from a high number of users online simultaneously, can influence the perceived performance of the internet connection. These fluctuations could raise doubts about the reliability of speed tests.

However, at nPerf, we have developed a solution to address this issue. By meticulously analyzing periods of intense activity, referred to as “Busy time,” as well as moments of low usage, designated as “Idle time,” our reports provide a more accurate perspective of the true network performance. This approach does not question the reliability of our tests; instead, it strengthens their credibility by demonstrating that they accurately reflect real market conditions, where internet connection evolves based on congestion.

Measuring Usage Rather Than Connection

At nPerf, our approach goes beyond simple speed tests by focusing on measuring real online usage. To achieve this, our applications integrate streaming and web browsing tests, allowing for a more precise evaluation of user experience quality.

By measuring not only connection speed (QoS) but also performance when using popular services such as YouTube and web browsing (on the top 5 visited sites of a country), we aim to provide a holistic and representative assessment of online experience, through our own servers rather than those of the operators. This Quality of Experience (QoE)-focused approach is essential for truly understanding how users interact with the internet. Whether it’s streaming on YouTube or web browsing, our tests offer an accurate and unbiased picture of internet connection performance.

Anonymous Data Contributing to Telecom Network Improvement

At nPerf, we prioritize the privacy protection of our users. The data collected during our tests is fully anonymized and is never sold to marketing agencies.

On the contrary, these data are used constructively to enhance telecom networks. By providing precise information on network performance in real-time, we assist operators in detecting and resolving infrastructure issues, thus ensuring better internet access for all. This collaboration between users and operators optimizes network performance and delivers a smoother and more reliable online experience across all countries.

In conclusion, at nPerf, we firmly believe in the importance of Quality of Experience (QoE) to truly assess the performance of your internet connection. Through our advanced speed tests, we provide precise and reliable measurements that go beyond connection speed evaluation.

The reliability of our tests is strengthened by our commitment to data anonymity and their constructive use for enhancing telecom networks.

However, it’s crucial to emphasize that testing your speed remains essential, especially in regions where fiber infrastructure is not yet widely deployed and where connection disparities persist, even on a national scale. Additionally, regularly testing your connection can be helpful in identifying and resolving potential network issues.

Therefore, we invite you to take a few moments to test your connection right now and ensure that your online experience is always optimal.

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