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Nothing slows down your life like slow Internet. You may have experienced how annoying it is when you can’t watch a video until the end on YouTube or play at your online mobile game wherever you want.

Today, most service providers are marketed as high speed. But depending on where you live, it can be entirely different. Conducting a nPerf speed test is a free, quick, easy way to check the performance of your Internet service provider.

How nPerf speed test works

A speed test measures the maximum speed of your connection – how fast your device can upload and download information – by accessing nearby servers.

With nPerf, you assess:

  • Download speed: concretely, it matters when downloading data from applications such as your friends’ photos on Instagram or your favorite influencer’s videos on Tik Tok.
  • Upload speed: how fast can you send files via email or share a post on Facebook for instance?
  • Latency: it describes how responsive a connection is, which is quite important when timing is everything such as video games.
  • On mobile phones, you also perform a browsing test (how fast can you get access to the top 5 websites in your country) and a streaming test (can you get access to the best video quality on YouTube?).

Thanks to all these information, you can determine how good (or bad) your Internet connection really is.  So, how fast is your connection? 

Download on Android:

Download on Apple:

Get involved in a collaborative project in your country! 

You can directly check on our website if your city has a good quality service thanks to the nPerf coverage maps. It works by operator and localization.

Participate in enriching our coverage map in your country by downloading the nPerf app and performing a speed test! 

Ready, set… Run (a speed test)!

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