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Today, most Internet service providers are marketed as high speed. Depending on where you live, it can be entirely different. Conducting a nPerf speed test is a free, quick, easy way to check your Internet service’s performance in Austria (DreiA1, Magenta…).

How a speed test works

Speed test measures your current connection’s maximum speed – how fast your device can upload and download information – by accessing nearby servers. The nPerf speed tests measure:

  • Download speed: concretely, it matters when downloading data from applications such as your friends’ photos on Facebook or your favorite influencer’s videos on Instagram.
  • Upload speed: how fast can you send files via email or share a post on social media for instance?
  • Latency: it describes how responsive a connection is, which is quite important when timing is everything such as video games.
  • Want to know more? On the nPerf app (Android & iOS), we also do a browsing test (how fast can you get access to the top 5 websites in Austria) and a streaming test (can you get access to the best video quality on YouTube in your country?).
Easily check the coverage of mobile networks in Austria (DreiA1, Magenta)

You can check directly on our website if your city in Austria has a good 5G quality service. It works by operator and localization. In other words, this is an interactive map, powered by nPerf, which represents the coverage of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile networks. Just select one carrier and zoom in to see the city or any area you want.

The data is collected from tests conducted by the nPerf app’ users in Austria.

Data is displayed for two years. After two years, the oldest data is removed from the maps once a month.

How reliable and accurate is it?

Geolocation precision depends on the reception quality of the GPS signal at the time of the test. For coverage data, we only retain tests with a maximum geolocation precision of 50 meters.

Mobile coverage map in Vienna (nPerf)
Are you a journalist who wants to write about internet connections in Austria?

If you are a journalist or have a website, you can install the free speed test with your logo and colors and the Austria coverage map (4G, 5G) for free on your website using a JavaScript code that is easy to install. Here you can see an example in other country:

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Every day, millions of people around the world trust nPerf by running a speed test. All combined, these  tests create a comprehensive crowdsourced database. Our well-proven technology is nowadays used by telecommunication operators, ISPs, regulatory bodies, journalists, and private companies.

Based in Lyon (France), nPerf is a high-tech company specialized in telecommunications. With more than 10 years of experience, we have created various telecom tools to help understanding internet connections for users and improving networks for operators.

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