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Salt, Best Fixed Internet Performances in 2020

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Barometer of Fixed Internet Connections in Switzerland – Year 2020

In 2020, nPerf users have performed 111 314 connection tests nPerf on Switzerland’s five largest ISPs.

In 2020, People in Switzerland have enjoyed an average download speed of 157 Mbps and 93 Mbps in upload. Swiss households are among the best-connected ones in Europe with these broadband performances. 

We have voluntary excluded Quickline from this publication because of a too small volume of tests. 

🏆 Salt has offered the best fixed internet performances in the country to its subscribers 🏆

Salt led the market in terms of performances on fixed networks with its top spot in download and upload speeds, as well as excellent network latency. Its speeds of several hundred Mbps, almost symmetrical, are the result of a predominantly fiber network but also of a particularly good choice of technology by equipping its network with 10 Gbps compatible equipment.

Other Internet providers are penalized by a marketing segmentation. Indeed, Salt is the only provider who delivers symmetric 10 Gbps broadband. Note also that, if the performance is below the theorical one, it’s because customers don’t have yet the equipment (powerful chipset, ethernet cable, new generation of Wi-Fi…) that allows them to reach 10 Gbps.

Sunrise, a nice second place

Thanks to good speeds and above all good latency, Sunrise obtained a deserved second place in the general ranking, all technologies combined.

UPC, in third place

With a download speed close to 200 Mbps, UPC has earned third place.

Fiber Results

From January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020 we counted 19 394 tests.

🏆  Salt, the best 2020 internet performance on fiber networks 🏆

On FTTH technologies, Salt has offered the best download speed (598 Mb/s) to its subscribers in 2020.

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