Barometer of fixed Internet connections in Lithuania

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The subscribers of Telia enjoyed the best broadband performances in Lithuania during 2023.

In Lithuania’s fixed Internet market, ISPs such as Telia, Bite, and Tele2 play pivotal roles in shaping the broadband landscape, each offering distinct levels of service quality and performance. This analysis aims to dissect the capabilities of these providers by evaluating crucial metrics including download and upload bitrates, latency, web browsing success rates, YouTube streaming quality, and overall nPerf scores. These indicators are vital for understanding the ISPs’ ability to deliver high-quality Internet services, impacting user experiences in areas like web navigation, video streaming, and overall digital connectivity.

Telia: The Benchmark of excellence

Telia stands out as the market leader with an impressive nPerf score of 106,002 nPoints, highlighting its superior service quality. It boasts the highest download and upload bitrates at 140.22 Mb/s and 75.6 Mb/s respectively, indicating a robust infrastructure capable of supporting high-bandwidth activities seamlessly. With a latency of 55.79 ms, Telia ensures a responsive and smooth Internet experience. The ISP also excels in user engagement, evidenced by web browsing and YouTube streaming scores of 76.88% and 89.64% respectively, making it the top choice for users seeking quality and reliability in their Internet service.

Bite: A Strong Contender

Bite offers solid performance with an nPerf score of 77,452 nPoints, supported by download and upload bitrates of 60.28 Mb/s and 16.47 Mb/s. A latency of 59.17 ms and web browsing and YouTube streaming scores of 68.88% and 84.17% showcase Bite’s capability to provide a reliable service that meets the needs of most Internet users.

Tele2: Competitive and Consistent

Tele2 presents a competitive service with an nPerf score of 72,048 nPoints, featuring download and upload bitrates of 58.49 Mb/s and 11.84 Mb/s. Despite a higher latency of 78.67 ms, Tele2’s web browsing and YouTube streaming score of 69.55% and 82.77% reflect its ability to offer a satisfactory Internet experience, catering well to the general needs of its users.


The Lithuanian fixed Internet market showcases a competitive environment led by Telia, which distinguishes itself with the highest overall nPerf score, indicative of superior performance across all evaluated metrics, particularly in download and upload speeds as well as in user experience measures. Bite and Tele2, while trailing behind Telia, contribute significantly to the market, offering services that cater to a wide range of user requirements. This analysis emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive evaluation based on a spectrum of performance metrics to assess the impact of ISPs on the quality of fixed Internet service and the overall user experience in Lithuania.

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