Remender joins nPerf and implements its speed test

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Remender, which is present in Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Chile, has implemented nPerf’s speed test.

In order to improve its platform for its more than 500,000 monthly recurring users, Remender reached an agreement with nPerf. Previously they used other systems to measure the speed of their customers, but they chose to change their approach in order to improve their users’ experience.

You can test your speed here:

What does Remender do?

The company provides solutions to recurring problems that many customers from various companies have. For example, they solve problems that customers of telephone or Internet companies have in the countries where they are present. They are also present in many other sectors such as banking, streaming and public services.

The project was born with the idea of solving problems that companies cannot, in order to improve customer service at a global level. According to our research, they have solved more than 2500 problems of different kinds in countries such as Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Colombia.

Remender was founded in 2020, and they currently have plans to continue expanding their business to several countries, including the Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Paraguay. 

Also according to its CEO, Fernando Belli, they want to expand in the coming years to the United States, a much larger market, but at the same time more competitive.

How can you try the nPerf speed test at Remender?

You can go to,,, or (depending on your country of residence) and run the speed test according to your Internet company in the “TV and Internet” section of their web pages.

Enter the site and click on “Start test/ Iniciar test” after following the tips provided by Remender so that your Internet speed can be well measured.

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