Real-time metrics for telco network optimization

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Telco operators face challenges when it comes to identify black spots. They often rely on expensive drive test tools to determine where networks are performing poorly as they must rapidly identify what infrastructure changes to make to improve service in those locations.

How to make sure to get up-to-date information on quality and coverage services in specific locations? Using real-world data from their subscribers is a very interesting strategy to adopt.

Collecting data directly from users for real-world performance overview

Internet service providers often determine rooms for improvements based on drive test campaigns when it comes to network optimization. But another efficient way is by using real-world network performance directly from their subscribers.

nPerf Analytics aggregates real-world metrics on Internet service quality, RF measurements and other KPIs. It is powered by the speed tests results from the nPerf users (300,000+ daily tests and millions of coverage scans on Android). Every day, hundreds of people around the world trust nPerf to assess their Internet connection. All combined, these tests create a comprehensive crowdsourced database for networks troubleshooting.

Real-time visualization to stay up to date

Both wireless and broadband operators must identify geographic incidents in real-time. Infrastructure problems detected in real-time have a quicker resolution time, which is better to prevent customer churn.

With nPerf Analytics, each test performed by a nPerf user is live updated on the nPerf online platform, called the Cockpit. It is easy to stay up to date by visualizing metrics by country, region, network, and so on. Monitoring day after day is also a good strategy to prioritize engineering efforts where needed in the long run.

Combining foreground and background tests for optimal investments

Coverage highly impacts the whole mobile Internet experience. That’s why, with nPerf Analytics, wireless operators get access to signal strength data for radio coverage mapping on Android operating system. Using nPerf Analytics, operators have data such as: device location, operators, radio access network, type of connection, radio signal (RSSI, RSRP, RSCP, RSRQ and so on), ….

Foreground tests and background scans combined create the closest Internet performance overview in a country, which is an accurate solution to quickly identify black spots and geographical incidents in real-time.

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