The 2022 nPerf Speed Test Awards go to…

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Every day, thousands of people around the world perform a speed test on the nPerf app or the nPerf website. Based on these results, the nPerf Award determines the best ISPs’ and mobile network providers’ performances in a dedicated country over the previous year.

It may be difficult for people to know which claims in advertisements they can trust when it comes to good Internet service provider. As a neutral third party, nPerf prizes two awards by country to help people better understand: mobile performance and/or broadband performance.

The nPerf Awards are then back in January 2023!

Prove your network is the best!

Thanks to the nPerf Award, you get the total exclusivity to advertise on every media for one year. Imagine all the possibilities to strengthen your brand credibility: television, radio, press releases, website content, social media, print ads, billboards, email signatures, … Think outside the box!

  • Advertise on your network performance
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition in the eyes of your customers
  • Build your customer trust and strengthen your brand credibility
  • Increase subscribers appealing new customers

What about an event? A trophy ceremony may be attended in your headquarters with media coverage. What an excellent way to give exposure about your network performance to journalists or tech influencers!

Introducing the jury member: the nPerf Score

The nPerf score is an international quality standard using by major operators to compare themselves over the years. We continually refine our methodology to be as close as possible to the real customer experience. The nPerf score is based on the results of download, upload speeds, and latency (browsing and streaming tests for mobile connections). Our technology is approved for its reliability, independence, and neutrality.

Level up your marketing content strategy with the nPerf Awards. Contact us to check if your network qualifies.

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