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Introducing the Custom Web Maps. Easily integrate our interactive, ready-to-use layered map into your website. You can help your visitors pick the right operator to experience the best telecom network performance

They easily figure out where they can expect to have a quality connection (3G, 4G, 5G) thanks to an intuitive location filter. They can for example check at a glance how good the Internet connection is where they really need such as their future vacation spots or the house they plan to move into.

Crowdsourced data behind the map

Coverage highly impacts the whole mobile Internet experience. This map is based off crowdsourced data from nPerf speed test users in real-time. In other words, this interactive map collects the latest information from people using the nPerf application on Android, creating a map of mobile coverage across the world. Therefore, it is based not on what the mobile network operator claims but on real data on the ground.

The last but not least, the coverage map is automatically updated every day to make sure you stay up to date with the real-world network performance.

Want to participate in enriching our coverage mapDownloading the nPerf App and run a speed test!

Our reliable methodology integrated in your website

For over 12 years, nPerf has been a reliable, and independent third party. We continually refine our methodology to make sure you can trust the information you are receiving. 

Based on the nPerf methodology, you can:  

·        Strengthen your website credibility thanks to this reliable data-based map

·        Improve your digital marketing strategy by generating organic traffic on hot topics with keywords such “coverage”, “5G”, “telecom”, “internet connection” … 

What about a speed map?

You can also integrate a speed map into your website if wanted. This map is a powerful benchmarking tool to compare Internet service providers in specific areas. Let’s your visitors visualize download speed in real-time. It provides a visual guide to how good (or bad) the connection is in the real life. They can filter speed by network operators and location. 

Interested in integrating a map into your website? Contact us!

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