nPerf Custom Mobile App: your own speed test app

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Introducing the nPerf Custom Mobile App. You can integrate a reliable, accurate speed test through a standalone app within a few weeks. Thanks to Custom Mobile App, your visitors could assess their Internet connection by testing download and uploads speeds, latency, and the Internet quality-of-experience (streaming and browsing test included).

Request a trial now and create your own speed test application to diagnose customer issues, troubleshoot networks infrastructure, and plan improvements.

A complete network diagnosis

With Custom Mobile App, you can have the same accurate and well-proven testing quality as the nPerf app. It measures:

–         Download and upload speeds: how fast can your users receive and send data?

–         Latency: it describes how responsive a connection is, which is quite important when timing is everything such as video games.

–         Last but not least, the nPerf Custom Mobile App goes further than just a speed test. It determines the Internet quality-of-experience for your end-users. Concretely, it performs browsing test (how fast can they get access to the top 5 websites in your country) and a streaming test (can they get access to the best video quality on YouTube?).

Visualize test results in real-time on our online portal (called the Cockpit) to troubleshoot your networks. You can either extract test results from our platform thanks to csv files or receive them directly to your information system (JSON API). More than 250 KPIs are available to you!  

Take advantage of our global server network

Just as you get the nPerf speed testing technology, you can also directly take advantage of our global server network. There are more than 2000 servers around the world (and more and more everyday) available for your end-users.

You can also use your own server if wanted to get even more data. Interested in hosting a server? Contact us at!

This expansive network guarantees accurate test results. We make sure your end-users’ tests reflect the real Internet speed for a given location. A real-world overview of your telecom networks in real-time!

Custom the speed test app in your colors

Customize your speed test to be consistent with your brand identity. You can easily change the graphic interface with your own colors and logo. The app is ready-to-use and optimized for stores. Make it yours!

To put in a nutshell, it is your own speed app to optimize your networks and improve your customer satisfaction!

Want to know more? Request a trial and contact us on our website or via email (

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